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Can You Layer Retinol & Vitamin C? 🧐

Yes, but with precautions. ⚠️ Retinol is known for its ability to increase skin cell turnover rate and diminish the appearance of cystic acne, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. While Vitamin C is a superstar antioxidant that improves skin texture and fights hyperpigmentation and free radicals. Although neither active cancels the other out, use of both at the same time can lead to increased sensitivity and irritation in skin that has not developed a tolerance to multi-active layering. Consequently, it's best to use Retinol and Vitamin C separately in your routine and always follow e...

Are Skin Care Fridges Worth It? 🀨

Do you need to refrigerate your skin care products to preserve their freshness? πŸ€” Probably not. Most skin care products are formulated to be stable and contain preservatives to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Are skin care fridges worth it? From a pricing and usefulness perspective- definitely! Skin care products that have been refrigerated have an amazing cooling effect when applied to the skin and can also help with skin redness and puffiness. We've found that refrigerating our products works best for us and skin care fridges are worth it!

Skin Minimalism

πŸ“Έ Sano Turdiev What is skin minimalism (aka skinimalism)? πŸ€” Skin Minimalism is a call to simplify our skin care (and make up!) routines by trading multi-step, multi-product regimes for a limited number of targeted, effective products that allow our natural beauty to shine through.πŸ’« How many products are in your daily routine? How much time and money do you spend per month on skin care and other beauty products? As we head into spring, and a barrage of new products pop up on your feed, consider Marie Kondo-ing your shelfie to a cleanser, treatment moisturizer and sunscreen. β˜€οΈ πŸ’–
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