What Is Slugging? πŸ€” 🐌


Another day, another skin care trend taking over social!  Let's discuss! 🧐

Slugging is the application of petroleum jelly, oil or other heavy emollient as the last step in your evening skincare routine. The practice's name comes from the gooey substance a slug leaves behind. 🐌

Slugging adherents swear by its uncanny ability to lock-in the benefits of previously applied treatments, serums and moisturizers.

If this trend doesn't seem new to you...it isn't. "Going to bed greasy" has been a thing for a very long time in the Black skincare community (Gabrielle Union was even caught on Snapchat by Dwayne Wade back in 2016 doused in oil at bedtime!)

The good? πŸ‘€ Petroleum jelly is renowned for its superior occlusive properties that prevent skin moisture loss. The potentially not so good? πŸ‘€ People with oily, acne-prone skin may find that consistent use leads to clogged pores. As with all skin care trends, your mileage may vary! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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