Dark Lips? Alpha Arbutin to the Rescue!


Suffering from dark or discolored lips?

Historically, the skin bleaching agent hydroquinone has been used to treat hyperpigmented skin. While highly effective, hydroquinone has been linked to system-organ toxicity, loss of skin elasticity and is banned in Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia. It also has been attributed to the phenomenon of rebound pigmentation- where the skin to which it is applied becomes darker after application ceases.

Alpha Arbutin is a gentler and safer alternative that encourages the slow release of hydroquinone through hydrolysis (the process by which skin's pigment production is reduced and blocked).  Alpha Arbutin is naturally-occurring and found in the dried leaves of various plant species, namely bearberry, cranberry, pear and blueberry trees.

Our With This Kiss...Lip Brightening & Volume Enhancing Balm is packed with 5% Alpha Arbutin to brighten and even the tone of lips. Its skin brightening capabilities are enhanced by 2% Licorice Root Extract, 2% Lemon Peel Ferment Extract, 2% Turmeric Extract & 2% Orchid Extract (which studies have shown has similar effects of Vitamin C on melasma and liver spots).



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